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Bespoke die struck badges are best suited for designs that do not incorporate colour. Die struck pin badges are commonly stamped into iron to maintain low production costs, although they can be stamped in most other materials when required.  

When manufacturing custom die struck badges, we use a combination of techniques to ensure that all the details on the die struck badge are prominent and easily visible. All of the work to create our bespoke die struck badges is completed in-house at our Birmingham premises, from designing and manufacturing; they are even individually polished by our skilled craftsmen.

Our bespoke die struck badges are an extremely cost-effective choice; however, this does not mean a compromise on quality. At Badges Plus we only design and craft to the highest standard and we guarantee your die struck pin badges will be engineered to a premium quality. Choose Badges Plus for your die struck pins for superior quality, bespoke design and unbeatable service.


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