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Do you need funky wristbands for schools or charities? We have what you need here at Badges Plus. Our wristbands are available in both adult wristband sizes and children's wristband sizes, and our collection covers the majority of colour options; we even have a metallic gold, silver and bronze wristband selection.  Our wristbands are the perfect school wristbands and charity fundraising wristbands, but they are ideal for most situations including clubs, businesses and project support wristbands. Our school and charity wristbands are vivid, robust, and suitable for all children and adults of all ages. Personalised wristbands are great for projects, supporting charities, memberships, rewards, fashion and more! We make all of our custom wristbands in-house at our premises in the heart of Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter, so you can be sure of a superior quality charity or school wristband. 

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