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Metal Laser Engraving

Metal Laser Engraving

No matter what your requirements or order size of bespoke laser engraving, we can help.

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Why Choose
Metal Laser Engraving?

  • Choice of text and images/logos
  • Quick
  • Precise
  • Variety of metals and products can be engraved
  • Durable, mark wont degrade
  • Cheaper than going down tooling route on small numbers
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Badges Plus provides specialist engraving services to individuals, schools, local businesses and worldwide organisations up and down the country.

We have invested in a sophisticated metal engraving machine, SISMA BigSmark 400F, to ensure that we achieve a clean and accurate cut when laser etching on a number of applications, every single time!

People turn to Badges Plus for metal engraving for a multitude of reasons. Our modern laser engraver can tackle custom engraving requests of all sizes (up to 10cm square); it is even economically viable for those requiring a smaller run since you avoid tooling costs.

Our laser engraving services are mostly employed to inscribe logos and personal messages into metal items or gifts such as cufflinks, tie slides, keyrings, and lighters – or to even personalise our own badges!

We are also frequently approached to carry out metal engraving of limited edition numbers on rings, pendants, charms or bracelets.

What Can Our Digital Engraving Machine Do?
When it comes to custom laser engraving with a difference, our digital engraving machine packs a punch. From laser engraving QR codes to photo engraving, we serve a wide variety of industries, sectors and individuals looking for flawless digital engraving. Our laser marking services are ideally suited for:

  • Laser Branding - Perfect for customising merchandise and promotional items from pens to USB drives with company logos or wording.
  • Laser Barcode Etching - Great for engraving QR codes or adding barcodes, serial numbers and other information on packaging materials or other products
  • Custom Sports Gear - Whether it's a custom tennis racket or a set of personalised golf clubs, our custom laser engraving can inscribe a message or symbol onto your sports gear to create the perfect gift.
  • Engraving Signage - Ideal for etching names, addresses or dates onto various signs for businesses and corporations.
  • Personalised Trophies and Awards - Use laser marking to add meaningful messages and significant dates to commemorate achievements  
  • Personalised Laser Engraved Gifts - We have a variety of products that make ideal keepsakes and gifts for family and friends. Whether it's photo engraving on metal or engraving water bottles, we can help you create one-of-a-kind items.  Discover more ideas about laser-personalised gifts.

Badges Plus are not limited to what we can engrave. Whether you have a personal message to a friend or relative that needs engraving, a company logo to be etched onto a badge or anything in between, we are confident we can help!

We have a dedicated laser engraving team that will work with you to help bring your metal laser engraving ideas to reality.

Contact us today to find out more about our complete metal engraving service and our teams will be happy to help.

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Whether it’s a personal one off gift or a large run of commercial products, Our team can deliver a fantastic engraving service with a super fast turnaround.

  • Professional Service

  • Competitive Prices

  • Fast Turnaround

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Our Metal Laser Engraving Manufacturing Process

The process of metal engraving has long been a part of British history. The process has been gradually updated throughout the years and now, laser engraving is an established and modernised method of engraving.

From artwork or design, custom engraving, enamelling, inspection, and everything in between, your laser metal engraving is carried out in-house at our Birmingham based facility.

Badges Plus offers you a complete service, from free design to manufacture in our Birmingham factory, helping to keep your costs low.

If you’re looking for custom metal laser engraving, please complete the form below, and upload your logo design. We’ll engrave and deliver your items within a fast turnaround time.

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