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Lanyards are a multi-purpose necessity for schools, businesses, clubs and charities. Whether you need plain lanyards, membership lanyards, staff lanyards, student lanyards or school visitor lanyards - we have them all here at Badges Plus in a range of colours. We have been designing and providing nurseries, schools, academies, colleges and universities with custom lanyards for over 35 years' and our commitment to supplying school lanyards of the highest quality has never wavered. For the safety of students, many schools require students to wear ID cards, and the same goes for staff, so Badges Plus can provide red lanyards, blue lanyards, green, white, yellow or black lanyards for these student and staff ID cards; we have a colour to suit all school colour schemes and personal preferences. Our lanyards are 10mm x 900mm in length and feature the standard safety breakaway, rendering them safe for school children of any age. You can order school lanyards online, today! But if you still can't find the perfect school lanyard to suit your needs, we can design a full tailored product for an unmatched price, so contact us about our bespoke school lanyards today!


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