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Welcome to Badges Plus, the UK’s leading online store for school badges, lanyards, wristbands, keyrings, cufflinks, presentation boxes and medals for schools, sports teams, international organisations and beyond. For over 35 years, we have been designing and crafting a range of products, merchandise and school badges for nurseries, schools, academies, colleges and universities across the country.  Whether you are seeking subject badges, academic badges, awards badges, sports badges, prefect badges or name badges, our collection covers all requirements. Our ability doesn't just stop at school badges, we also offer high-quality school lanyards, wristbands, keyrings, school medals and school presentation boxes, all of which can be customised to match your school logos or school uniform colours.   You can browse our school shop now and order your school badges and personalised products online, today. Alternatively, for something more unique, we offer a fully bespoke service for our school badges and school products, allowing you to express your creativity and add that personal touch to any of our school accessories and school badges.     

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