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Here at Badges Plus, we skilfully manufacture the finest school medals and coins in a range of designs, fit for any purpose. We use die stamping and casting methods to produce medals that are affordable, yet fit for any deserved medal winner! Alternatively, if you are looking to gift somebody with a coin, we again use die stamping or casting methods and finish it off nicely with coining methods, producing a coin anybody would be proud to show off. Our school medals and coins are the perfect sports day medals, but they are also great as academic awards medals, schools medals for success in music, arts, or even for use as specific subject award medals. With a standard red, white and blue ribbon, our school medals will look great around the neck of any first, second, or third place winner. We have gold, silver and bronze medals available, as well as 'Well Done' medals, that are all available in 40mm x 40mm. 

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Medals And Coins