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Embroidered badges are the perfect product if you require a more traditional looking cloth badge.

With the modern machinery now used in the UK, very high detail can be maintained on bespoke embroidered badges, which makes them a very popular choice of cloth patch. The modern technique produces a raised textured, high-quality finish but is also very cost effective.

At Badges Plus, no order is too large or small, so unlike other companies we have no minimum order which enables us to supply any quantity of bespoke embroidered badges at very competitive prices.

There are many options we can offer you when creating your custom embroidered badge. You could have a merrow border (threaded) or a heat cut border for a neatly cut edge. The backs can be left plain on your embroidered badges or we offer an iron-on back, adhesive back, velcro back or hard PVC back on embroidered badges and the background material can be twill, felt, velvet, reflective or faux fur. Whatever your custom embroidered badge needs, we have the service and the style to help with bespoke embroidered badge design and high-quality badge construction as standard.


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