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Our glitter badges are for those who are looking for a little bit of sparkle in their lives!

Our stunning and shimmering bespoke glitter badges are certainly one of our most eye-catching badges, producing thousands every year for schools, sports teams, charities and large organisations.

At Badges Plus, we can produce our bespoke glitter badges using iron, steel or brass with soft enamel. No matter what effect you are trying to achieve, we can create glitter badges to suit. We are able to incorporate the glitter into individual colours to highlight small areas of the design, or if you prefer, the glitter can be added to the epoxy resin that will cover the whole face of your bespoke badge, resulting in a sparkling finish.

All of our bespoke glitter badges are producing in-house at our Birmingham premises right from design through to manufacturing by our highly talented designers and craftsmen. 


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