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Small Bar School Badges

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Our small bar badges ranges are perfect for those one-word school badges. These bar badges are common as school badges but are also applicable to clubs, charities and even for use in a business setting. Since these school bar badges are 28mm x 7mm, the small size means they are ideal for use as school subject badges, school prefect badges, sports badges and club badges. The variety of striking colours means there is a small bar badge to complement any school emblem or school uniform colour schemes. These small school badges have a squared edge finish, a metal base with an enamel filling, then coated in epoxy for a long-lasting, domed look. These fantastic school pin badges may be small, but they are more than able to impress. Quality is guaranteed, as we manufacture every one of our Small School Bar Badges using traditional techniques, right here, in Birmingham's famous Jewellery Quarter.

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