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Badges Plus has a selection of trophy badges, perfect for use as school award badges. Our personalised trophy badges come in a variety of colours, from the standard gold trophy badge, silver trophy and bronze trophy badges, and there is a number of colour options to border the word "Achiever". The custom trophy badges are 28mm x 25mm, enamel is added to the lettering at the bottom to create a professional finish and all trophy badges have a safety brooch clasp so these trophy pin badges will work for any needs and age groups. Reward achievements with our beautiful trophy badges which are not only striking but of great value for money, too. Whether you purchase as school trophy badges, or for a club, charity or recreational setting, these trophy badges will brighten any child's day. We design and manufacturer all of our school trophy badges at our HQ in the heart of Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter, so you can be sure of the highest quality trophy badge each and every time. 

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