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5 Fun Ways to Display Pin Badges from Badges Plus

Posted By Badges Plus | 13.03.2023
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5 Fun Ways to Display Pin Badges from Badges Plus


Pin badges are still a popular way to show your hobbies, interests and achievements to the world. With so many cute, colourful and fun pin badge designs around, the best kind of pin badge is one that is on display for all to admire. 

Whether you’ve amassed a large collection of pin badges or you just have a handful of bespoke badges you may ask yourself “what is the best way to display pin badges?” Well, ask no more because here at Badges Plus we know all things pin badge related and we’ve gathered five of our favourite pin badge display ideas that will show off your collection in style.


Why Display Pin Badges?

Creating a pin badge display is a fantastic way to showcase your collection and share your passions with others. It transforms a simple collection into a personalised piece of art that reflects your interests and achievements. A well-organised enamel pin badge display also makes it easier to find and enjoy your badge collection, keeping them in pristine condition. Additionally, a creative display can be a great conversation starter, adding a unique and personal touch to your living space.


How to Display Pin Badges

If you’re wondering “How can I display pin badges?”, we’ve got you covered! From jazzing up a jacket or hat to creating DIY wall displays and shadow boxes, there are numerous ways to highlight your badges. Consider using wearable displays for a portable collection or stationary displays like embroidery hoops and shadow boxes for a permanent fixture in your space. With a bit of creativity and careful arrangement, your pin badges can become a vibrant and meaningful part of your everyday life.

Jazz up a Jacket with Lapel Pin Badges 

Why not make a denim jacket even cooler by adding some of your favourite jacket pins to the lapel? You can bring this traditional way of wearing enamel pins into the 21st century by customising the lapels of a leather jacket or blazer with cute pin badges that scream personality. 

Wear one standout badge or group them together, either way, you can add fun to your outfit as well as display your badge collection.


Stay Ahead of the Crowd with Hat Badges

From baseball cap badges to badges on beanies and fedoras, most types of headgear make great places to display things like football pin badges or any kind of small badges. With this type of badge display, less is more and you’ll want to avoid over-cluttering your hat. Stick to one or two statement pin badges on the front, back or sides of the hat so you can avoid overwhelming the look. 


Make Your Own Pin Badge Wall Display

If you’re up for a bit of DIY, why not create your own embroidery hoop pin display? All you’ll need is a blank embroidery hoop and your pin badge collection. The size of the embroidery hoop you choose will depend on how big your badge collection is. Arrange them as you see fit and simply hang the hoop for a quick and easy pin badge wall display. A pin badge display banner is another great option. If you’d prefer to buy ready-made, you can often find pin badge banners or pin badge flags on Etsy in a size to suit your needs.


Make Your Collection Portable with Bag Pin Badges

Pin badges for bags mean your collection goes wherever you do. Whether you carry a tote bag, a backpack or a laptop case, your badge-laden bag is bound to become a conversation starter. You can add badges to the straps, pockets and body of the bag depending on its size. If you’ve got a vast amount of badges, why not put them on multiple bags?  This way you can always travel with your pin badge collection.


Create a Custom Pin Badge Display Case 

You might want to showcase your favourite enamel pin badges in your home on a shelf or in a display cabinet. For this DIY enamel pin display, you can use a “shadow box” to create a pin badge board. Shadow boxes are similar to picture frames but are more like framed boxes where you can display 3D objects. This type of pin badge display case is easy to make and results in a case custom-made to fit your collection of badges. In your display, you can colour coordinate your badges or display them by type or simply randomise your pin badges to make your collection an interesting focal point in the room.


How to Make a Pin Badge Display Step-By-Step

  1. Choose Your Display Method - Decide whether you want a wearable display (like jackets or hats) or a stationary display (like wall displays or shadow boxes).

  2. Gather Materials - Depending on your chosen method, gather the necessary materials such as jackets, hats, embroidery hoops, shadow boxes, or bags.

  3. Design Your Layout - Plan how you want to arrange your badges. Consider grouping by theme, colour, or size to create a visually appealing display.

  4. Prepare the Base - If using fabric, ensure it’s clean and smooth. For shadow boxes, add a background that complements your badges.

  5. Attach the Badges - Carefully pin your badges to the chosen base. Ensure they are securely fastened and evenly spaced.

  6. Display Your Creation - Hang or place your display in a prominent location where it can be admired.


Boost your Collection of Bespoke Pin Badges

Got room for one more pin badge? Of course, you do! With all of these suggestions about how to store pin badges, you may be thinking of adding a few more badges to your collection. If so, why not browse our selection of pin badges? 

 Badges Plus has been designing and manufacturing a wide range of badges for many years and we offer a bespoke pin badge service so you can create your own badge that reflects your character. Contact one of our friendly staff team members for more information about our bespoke badges or call us on 0121 236 1612.

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