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Elevate Your Hen Night With Personalised Hen Party Badges

Posted By Badges Plus | 23.05.2024
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Elevate Your Hen Night With Personalised Hen Party Badges

Planning a hen party is all about celebrating the bride-to-be and creating unforgettable memories with friends. A great way to add a unique touch to the festivities is by designing custom hen party badges. 

Personalised hen party badges go beyond mere name tags, they inject fun and personality into your celebration and serve as cherished keepsakes from the special event. In this guide, find out the types of hen do badges available and how to create an eye-catching, custom accessory to commemorate an unforgettable hen party.


Why Create Your Own Hen Do Badges?

Hen night badges are more than just decorations, they elevate the entire celebration. Custom badges instantly set a festive mood and are a budget-friendly way to add a unique touch, making the occasion even more memorable. These keepsakes not only help identify the bride and her friends but can also be customised with funny messages, themes, or even the bride’s photo. Personalised hen party badges make excellent icebreakers and conversation starters, perfect for bringing your bridal party together.


Types of Hen Party Badges

When it comes to designing hen night party badges, the possibilities are endless! As well as personalising the badges to highlight the Bride, Maid of Honor and bridesmaids, you can also add some extra elements to make these custom badges stand out. Here are a few creative ideas to get you started:


Themed Hen Night Badges

Why not channel the bride’s favourite movie, music genre or even her favourite era with a themed hen party badge? You can colour-coordinate your design to match a favourite hue and tailor the font or images to perfectly suit your theme.


Funny Hen Party Badges 

These events are all about fun and laughter so don’t be afraid to inject some humour into your design. Referencing an ‘in-joke’, playful nicknames or funny slogans that the bride’s squad will understand can make hen weekend badges even more special. 


Personalised Hen Party Badges

At Badges Plus, our skilled designers can add personalised elements to your badges for hen party guests. Your badge design can include the bride’s photo or a fun caricature for a unique look. Another option is to customise the design to incorporate the date of the hen party or a special message for the bride-to-be.

We offer a range of customisation options to ensure your hen do badges are perfect for your celebration. Choose from various design elements like colours, fonts, and shapes that make your badges shine. Our custom hen party badges can be made from different materials including enamel, plastic or metal and you can opt for bold finishes like glitter or 3D designs.


Why Choose Badges Plus for Your Hen Night Badges?

With years of experience and a reputation for quality, Badges Plus is the ideal choice for personalised hen party badges. Our skilled team of designers can bring your vision to life with our free artwork service, so if you’re struggling for inspiration, we’ve got you covered. All of our badges are made with the highest quality materials and we offer a fast turnaround to ensure you receive your badges in time for your party.


How to Order Your Custom Hen Party Badges

Ordering your personalised hen party badges from Badges Plus is simple.

  1. Upload your design using the special bespoke badge form. Include names, images, and any other details you want on the badges. If you need help coming up with a unique design, our team can help.
  2. We will send you our winning quote and once accepted, we will get to work on your hen do badges.
  3. With a host of in-house services including packaging and distribution, we are able to design, make and deliver your hen night badges within a fast turnaround time.


Ready to Design Hen Do Badges That Stand Out?

Don’t settle for generic party badges. Make your hen party a truly special occasion with custom-designed badges that celebrate the bride-to-be in style. For more information about design options and how to create your own hen-do badges, contact our helpful design team today.


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