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Everything You Need for School Rewards Systems

Posted By Badges Plus | 12.01.2021
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Everything You Need for School Rewards Systems

With a world of uncertainty facing schools and student at this time, rewards systems are more important now than ever. Here at Badges Plus, we have everything you need to create a winning awards system to help your students stay on track and achieve their goals.


What is a School Reward System?

A school reward system is a system within the educational environment that seeks to encourage students to improve themselves using a set of rewards. This can be anything from a certificate or achievement badge or something such as a trophy or medal award. Many rewards systems have different levels of achievement and can be used for everything from litter monitors to attendance and participation.


Why is a School Reward System Important?

Whilst most people agree that students shouldn’t be rewarded for doing the bare minimum, studies show that when students are offered an incentive to do more or do better, they usually end up achieving higher results with habits formed that still benefit them later on down the line. Particularly in the current climate, students may need a bit of extra encouragement to achieve their goals and participate in online or in-person classes and rewards are a great way to do that.


Using Badges as a School Rewards System

If you are looking for a way to reward students for their hard work, a badge reward system for your school could be ideal. Badges have long been a source of pride for pupils and come in a wide range of fun designs. You could even create a tiered system of rewards with different badges for different levels of accomplishments.


Using Rewards to Encourage Attendance

Whether you are trying to encourage pupils to attend in person or are looking for a way to encourage pupils to attend all of their online lessons. Rewarding students for 100% attendance is a great way to encourage more students to make the extra effort not to miss any classes and keep them on track to achieve their goals. E-badges are a great way to instantly reward online but there is nothing like a physical reward to encourage attendance that students can show off proudly. Our 100% attendance badges are a great way reward students who have made sure to be present for each of their classes and come in a choice of traditional shield or a modern metal gold or bronze design.


Celebrating Achievements

Celebrating milestones in more important than ever with schools that remain open finding it difficult to motivate students. Rewards can be a brilliant way to reinforce positive behaviour and accomplishments and keep learning on track. For a simple, multi-use badge reward, our gold star badges and bronze star badges are ideal. Whether you want to reward for outstanding achievement, helping others or any other achievement, these gold star badges are ideal as a ‘well done’ for students of all ages. If your pupils have gone above and beyond in the last year, school medals are also a fantastic reward and something your students will prize for a long time. Our medals are completely customisable so you can use your school colours and motto to truly represent your school.

Looking for more school-related badges and products? Our dedicated education section should have everything you need for a winning rewards system in your school. Take a look here.

Thinking of something one of a kind? Contact our team online or by calling 0121 236 1612 to find out more and allow us to answer any questions you have.

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