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High-Quality Wristbands for Every Occasion

Posted By Badges Plus | 18.02.2021
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High-Quality Wristbands for Every Occasion

Whether you are looking for charity wristbands, event wristbands or custom wristbands to really put your mark on, our wide range of fully-customisable wristbands has everything you need. Here at Badges Plus, we provide high-quality wristbands for every occasion with a wealth of personalisation options to choose from and a choice of adult or kids-sized wristbands.


Personalised Wristbands

Personalised wristbands from Badges Plus offer a wealth of different options to make your wristband your own. We offer a range of personalisation services to design for everything from charities and marketing merchandise to party wristbands or wristbands for events.


Metallic Wristbands

For an extra statement, metallic wristbands are ideal. Whether you are looking for a silver metallic adult wristband or gold metallic child’s wristband, or even a bronze wristband for a striking look, we have an option to suit you.


Coloured Wristbands

Searching for stripes or looking for a solid colour for your wristbands? Our custom wristbands are available in either with your choice of colour with a huge selection of shades to choose from to suit your needs perfectly. If you have specific brand colours you would like to align your wristbands with, take a look at our wide selection of colours to find one that fits your colours. Our plain wristbands come as standard in red, yellow, blue, green, black and purple whilst personalised options offer plenty more choice. Striped wristbands allow you to combine up to five different colours together to form your own specific style.


Your Choice of Wristband Embossing

Embossed or debossed, colour text or plain, we have a range of embossing styles to ensure your message is exactly how you imagined it on your wristbands. Personalised embossed wristbands create a plain, raised surface to your chosen text whilst debossing creates an imprint of your chosen wristband text with the option of adding a colour to the groove for an added touch of individuality. We offer a fantastic selection of colours for your wristband text so you won’t be short of choice when creating your custom design.


Looking for Something Even More Bespoke for your Wristbands?

If our colours and text options haven’t been enough to tempt you so far, our bespoke wristband options will allow you to completely customise your wristbands down to the wristband shape. Simply send us your company logo and design ideas and we will do the rest. We are experts at creating bespoke wristbands for businesses and organisations large and small and even offer express wristbands for those who need their wristbands quickly with turnaround times of under two weeks.


Ready to Design Your Custom Wristbands?

If you are ready to start designing your very own custom wristbands, visit our custom wristband page now to take a look at your options and bring your ideas to life. Still have questions? For questions on personalised wristbands and more, contact our team online or by calling 0121 236 1612 now

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