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How to Design Inspiring School Council Badges

Posted By Badges Plus | 21.08.2023
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How to Design Inspiring School Council Badges

With the start of the new school year approaching, now is a good time to consider revamping your school council badges. Since school councils play a vital role in providing a voice for students and nurturing a sense of ownership within the school community, well-made, student council badges are ideal for identifying school leaders.  

What are School Council Badges?

School council badges are worn by school council members and serve as visual markers of leadership. They demonstrate a student’s active participation in decision-making and creating positive change within the school.


Why Have Personalised School Council Badges?

Personalised school council badges can help foster a deeper connection between student leaders and their roles within the school community. By allowing customisation such as the school logo, house emblem or other specific design elements, these school badges enable students to infuse their own identity into their leadership roles.


How to Design a Meaningful School Council Badge


Student council badges go beyond being a tool for recognition. They signify a student’s dedication to representing their peers, voicing their concerns, and contributing to the improvement of the school community. Badges Plus has a talented design team that can help you create a pupil council badge that embodies the ethos of the school. When it comes to designing a school council badge, here are a few things to consider.


Reflect the school’s identity - A well-designed school council badge should embody the school’s values and beliefs. Incorporate school colours, logos or symbols that resonate with the school’s identity to create a visual connection between the badge and the students.


Keep it simple - While the student council badge should be visually appealing, a simple design can carry a powerful message. Clean lines, easily recognisable elements and a balanced design will make the badge’s design more effective. 


Choose symbolic elements - Consider incorporating symbols that represent leadership, unity and growth. To create truly personalised school council badges, choose elements that are important to students and invoke a sense of purpose and collaboration.


Select quality materials - The choice of materials affects both the aesthetics and the durability of the badge. Enamel pin badges are some of the most popular types of school council badges thanks to their long-lasting durability. Badges Plus can also produce high-quality embroidered school council badges and woven school badges that not only look good but will withstand the test of time.


Create Awesome Badges for Your School Council

For over 30 years, Badges Plus has worked with many local schools to create premium school badges for a range of purposes including badges for school council members. We stock a range of ready-made school council badges in a range of colours to match school house colours. If you’re interested in creating personalised school council badges but need a hand with the design, Badges Plus can help. Simply tell us your plans and our skilled design team will help you to create a badge that your school council will be proud of. 


If you’d like more information about how we create personalised school council badges, contact our expert team of badge makers or you can browse our range of pre-made student council badges.


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