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Maximise Your Fundraising with Promotional Items

Posted By Badges Plus | 30.01.2018
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Maximise Your Fundraising with Promotional Items

Not-for-profit charities and organisations are so important for raising awareness or providing assistance to the vulnerable, those who need a helping hand, or quite often just the general public. 

No matter how big or small, health charities, children’s charities, environmental, humanitarian, animal charities and beyond will rely on publicity and charitable donations to help spread awareness of their cause, provide aid and fund the operation.  

Charity fundraising is always an on-going activity, and so people are constantly looking for new and fresh fundraising ideas to keep the public interest and the donations rolling in. 

Promotional products are incredibly effective in fundraising efforts.  Not only do promotional items create a bigger incentive to donate, they are great for raising the profile of your charity, especially when it is something visible such as charity badges or custom wristbands

All organisations begin somewhere and you don’t have to have unlimited funds to be able to offer promotional gifts as a thank you or motivation for donations. You can have fun, eye-catching and memorable charity merchandise designed and created to suit your budget.

Promotional products don’t only make an impression on the day of charity events. The impact of promotional items begins prior to fundraising events and expands way beyond the end of the event. 


Prior to the day of your charity event, promotional gifts begin working their magic by advertising the day of your event in an interesting way. 

Having a batch of charity badges, or any merchandise, printed ahead of the day with details of the event in clear view will make the date more memorable, it will also help build anticipation for the event and as a result, the turnout will be greater.  


The influence of promotional items on the day of your fundraising event is a lot more direct.

Promotional materials are a great motive and you will find more people will be willing to not only donate, but dig a little deeper and donate larger sums of money if a token gesture is presented in return of their donation. The promotional products don’t need to be major, but a prime example of where this technique is highly effective is the poppy appeal, where charity badges, charity lanyards, wristbands and even stickers are offered as a warm thank you. 


The long-lasting effect of promotional charity items is impressive and also extremely helpful for your charitable organisation. Branded merchandise will ingrain your charity in the mind of the donator and reinforce your cause in their memory. Furthermore, your message will spread beyond the donator through the products being visible to others and through word of mouth discussions that have been ignited because of the charity products. These people may choose to research your charity and even donate, but either way more people will become aware of your cause and what you are trying to achieve. 


There is often pressure on charities to choose memorable merchandise to gift to donators to ensure the biggest impression. However, something simple that features an eye-catching design is just as effective for fundraising efforts, which is helpful for smaller charities with smaller budgets. 

Although, it is worth choosing an item that is relevant for your audience. For example, charity wristbands are exceptionally successful for school fundraising events and bespoke charity lanyards appeal heavily for corporate and business targets. But whatever you choose, just make it fun!

Badges Plus design and manufacture an array of bespoke promotional merchandise that are perfect for incentives at fundraising events. Whether you are looking for bespoke wristbands or lanyards, charity badges or keyrings, personalised coins or plaques, we can craft designs tailored to your charities colours and ethos.

If you want to hear more about Badges Plus charity promotional products, contact a knowledgeable member of our team today on 0121 236 1612 and we can help you on the road for charity success!


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