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Our Embroidered School Blazer Badges

Posted By Badges Plus | 23.01.2024
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Our Embroidered School Blazer Badges

Embroidered school blazer badges are a schoolwear staple that allows students to identify with their school in a cost-effective way. School blazer badges or school embroidered patches can be created in bulk with custom designs and a hardwearing, high-quality form.


What Are Embroidered School Blazer Badges?

Embroidered school blazer badges usually take the form of embroidered patches that can have different types of backing and be attached to a blazer. Usually blazer badges take the form of a school logo or emblem but embroidered blazer badges can also be used for clubs or societies.


Why Schools Use Embroidered Blazer Badges

Embroidered school blazer badges are a popular choice due to their versatility and wealth of design options. Blazer badges foster a sense of belonging in schools and add to the overall uniform look. Embroidered badges are a popular alternative to embroidered blazers as they allow the bearer to attach the school logo to any suitable garment, regardless of size, needs or cost.


Backing Options for Embroidered Patches for Schools

There are plenty of options to choose from for embroidered school patches for blazers. Some common backing options include plain backs, iron on embroidered blazer badges, adhesive backed badges or velcro backed blazer badges for complete versatility. Embroidered badges can also be created with a hard PVC back. 


When designing your embroidered school blazer badges with Badges Plus, you’ll also have a choice of background materials to make your badges complete bespoke. You’ll be able to choose from twill, felt, velvet, reflective or even faux fur embroidered badges.


Top Tips for Designing Embroidered Blazer Badges

When designing your embroidered blazer badges, it is important to remember the purpose of your blazer badge design. If you are creating embroidered blazer badges for the first time, our in-house design team can help create a working design to represent your school using your school’s branding and colours. We’ll be able to advise on backing options and background material to fit the needs of your school or educational establishment.


When creating embroidered blazer badges for your school, you may also want to create blazer patches for sports teams or societies and Badges Plus can help bring your design ideas to life with these too.



How to Apply Embroidered School Blazer Badges

Whether you opt for iron on blazer badges or sew on blazer badges, blazer patches are simple to attach. The first step in how to attach a blazer badge is to ensure your blazer is washed, dried and ironed before starting to ensure the best possible base.


Some fabric types shrink after the first wash, so getting this out of the way before attaching your embroidered blazer badge should eliminate any uneven surface that might arise. Ironing the section of the blazer you want to attach the badge to first can also prevent the badge being sewn to wrinkled fabric, which might make your blazer permanently creased.


If attaching a sew-on badge to your blazer, you’ll now need to select a needle and thread that is as close to either the blazer colour or the edge of the patch as possible. If you can’t find an exact match, choosing a colour that is marginally dark rather than marginally lighter is a better option as it will blend in better.


Next, position the badge in place and secure with pins to avoid movement. Alternatively, you can use an adhesive fabric tape to iron the badge onto. Now, thread your needle and tie a knot in the end of the thread to avoid slipping. You can now start sewing your blazer patch on starting from the inside out in a straight stitch. Once you’ve sewn all the way around the patch, loop your thread and tie a knot. To do this, thread your needle through to create a small loop on the inside of your uniform. Bring the needle through the loop and pull the thread tight. This will create a tight knot to secure your sewn blazer badge. Cut any excess.


Why Choose Badges Plus For Embroidered Blazer Badges?

Badges Plus is the UK’s leading badge specialists and offer a wealth of options for your embroidered school blazer badges. We’ve worked with a number of schools with existing and new designs to create high-quality blazer badges that stand the test of time. To find out more about our school blazer badges, take a look at our school services page or embroidered badges page for more product-specific information.

Alternatively, get in touch now to find out more.


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