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Secret Santa Gift Ideas For Coworkers From Badges Plus

Posted By Badges Plus | 01.12.2022
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Secret Santa Gift Ideas For Coworkers From Badges Plus

Christmas is just around the corner and that means Secret Santa season is well underway. It’s that time of year when we select names out of a hat to find out which coworker we’re buying secret Santa presents for. But how do you find secret Santa gifts for your work colleagues? At Badges Plus, we supply a range of products that would make ideal, inexpensive and fun secret Santa gifts. If you’re looking for secret Santa gift ideas for coworkers, we’ve listed some of our favourite suggestions below.


Should You Get Gifts for Coworkers?

Whether you choose to participate in a secret Santa arrangement or not is entirely an individual decision. If you do join in, it’s best to get a gift that isn’t too personal, especially if you don’t know your chosen recipient very well. Often, there’s a price limit for everyone to stick to which makes it a little easier to choose an inexpensive Christmas gift. 


What Should I Get My Coworkers for Christmas?

Finding the perfect secret Santa gift for a work colleague can be tricky. We have a range of bespoke and personalised products that make ideal secret Santa presents for coworkers. Here are a few secret Santa gift ideas to suit a range of personalities. 


Choose A Bespoke Plaque For Unique Secret Santa Present.

A bespoke plaque makes a great desk ornament, cool wall art, and an ideal secret Santa gift. At Badges Plus, we can help you design a personalised plaque that will make a great nameplate for a work colleague. Choose from a unique bespoke plaque in your choice of material including hardwood, aluminium, brass and acrylic plaques. With our high-quality laser engraving service, you have the freedom to create professionally engraved plaques to create a special secret Santa present. 


Bespoke Cufflinks Make Stylish Secret Santa Gifts  

For the right person, bespoke cufflinks make a perfect Christmas gift. At Badges Plus, we can create bespoke cufflinks in any shape or colour in the style of your coworker's favourite sports team, or music band. If you’re looking for secret Santa gifts for men, our custom cufflinks could be the answer. Our in-house designers can help you to create a set of personalised cufflinks with a name or any type of personal message. Turn basic cufflinks into the ideal secret Santa gifts for him or her with our personalised cufflinks.

Give Your Work Colleagues A Bespoke Lanyard For Secret Santa

If you’re looking for cheap secret Santa gifts, our bespoke lanyards are the answer. Turn a boring lanyard into a statement piece by creating a bespoke lanyard. Get creative and choose a colour, size and message for your lanyard or personalise it with your work colleague’s name, their favourite sports team or even a fun message that only a work colleague would understand. Transform the humble lanyard into a fun secret Santa gift.


Turn a Bespoke Keyring Into a Fun Secret Santa Gift 

At Badges Plus, we use our three decades of experience to create a range of products and services that include our bespoke keyrings. We can personalise keyrings with our laser engraving service or create totally unique secret Santa gifts in the form of a bespoke keyring that you create. Share your ideas with our talented designers and they will get to work to create a customised keyring in a range of sizes and materials including:

  • Leather keyrings 

  • Wood keyrings

  • Metal Keyrings


Whether you choose to use our in-house laser engraving to create a detailed image or message or you choose a quirky design that best represents your coworker, you can use our express keyring service that can create your secret Santa gift in under 2 weeks.


Cool Secret Santa Gifts for Coworkers

Our skilled in-house designers and crafters have been designing and manufacturing bespoke and personalised products in Birmingham for over 30 years. Our customisation options mean you can give a high-quality one-of-a-kind secret Santa gift that your coworker will appreciate. Browse our range of bespoke products and personalised gifts or contact our creative team for more information. 


Whether you’re looking for creative secret Santa gifts or funny secret Santa gifts our bespoke creative services can help you custom-make gifts like keyrings, lanyards, bespoke badges and much more. Contact our friendly team today to find out how we can help you create cool secret Santa gifts.


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