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Why Use Reusable Name Badges?

Posted By Badges Plus | 27.02.2024
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Why Use Reusable Name Badges?

If you are thinking of a more environmentally friendly or cost-effective way to identify staff members, reusable name badges could be ideal. Reusable employee name badges allow team members to be identified with ease whilst still allowing for company branding and are ideal for businesses with a lot of visitors or changeable staffing. We’ve pulled together everything you need to know about reusable name tags and why you should use them.


What Are Reusable Name Badges?

Reusable name badges are similar to any other type of staff name badge but have the added ability to be used by different team members through either a removable name section or through simply including company branding. Reusable plastic name badges are common, as are reusable magnetic name badges. Often, this type of employee badge has a section where a name can be slotted in. Alternatively, the reusable badge may have a blank section where a name sticker can be added alongside the badge's branded finish.


What Can Reusable Name Badges Be Used For?

Reusable employee name badges are ideal for a multitude of uses. If you are looking for a cost-effective staff ID badges solution, reusable badges are perfect. If your business has a number of visitors or guest professionals, reusable staff name badges with a slot for the individual’s name can help keep your premises secure with professional-looking branding. The visitor’s identity will be visible at a glance and anyone who shouldn’t be there will be easily spotted.


Reusable name tags are also great for businesses with a changeable team base such as an agency as the names can easily be slotted in and out for each shift or event. Different colour badges can be used to identify different teams with the name and role clearly visible.


Using Reusable Name Badges for Events

If your company or organisation often attends or holds events, reusable name badges are the perfect solution to disposable name badges which can often look unprofessional. Different badges can be designed to signify venue organisers, stall members, catering teams and more, each with a reusable window name badge to match.


Using Reusable Staff Name Badges for Academic Teams

Reusable identity tags are a fantastic solution for academic workplaces where identifying staff members and visitors is crucial. Many schools and universities use reusable staff ID badges to keep track of visitors on-premise as they are a cost effective way of identifying individuals in a professional-looking manner. Reusable visitor badges are also extremely useful for open evenings or other school events where a number of new people may be on-site temporarily.


Reusable name badge backing options


How to Design Reusable Name Badges

When it comes to designing your reusable staff name badges, there is plenty of choice. Do you want a reusable magnetic name badge holder such as on a staff lanyard or a reusable plastic name badge to keep costs down? When designing name badges for business, it is also important to think about how your business branding will be included.

To give a professional look, you should include your business logo front and centre without too much clutter elsewhere on the badge front. You’ll also want to include somewhere for the name and role of the person to be featured if needed. Our in-house design team can help with creating the perfect staff name badge design for your business. Find out more about designing the perfect staff ID badge in our blog.


Talk to the Experts in Business ID Badges

Badges Plus has worked with a number of businesses to create the perfect reusable custom name badges. We can help design and create your ideal staff badges whether you are looking for a pin badge or magnetic name badge. Our quick turnaround times and small or large order sizes make ordering staff name tags simple with our in-house services ready to help. We can also supply reusable name tag holders and lanyards for your team.

To find out more, take a look at our business badges page or contact the team to get started.


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